Riversol Hydrating Cream Cleanser 240ml

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Riversol Hydrating Cream Cleanser 240ml


  • Instant, deep re-hydration
  • Helps repair your skin’s moisture barrier
  • Relieves irritation and inflammation
  • Calms sensitive skin

A moisturizing cleanser to gently clean, restore balance and soothe irritation in sensitive skin. For dry to very dry skin.

This cleanser has a rich, milky texture that works to replenish and moisturize the skin while it gently cleanses. It will also help to reduce redness and skin irritation in sensitive skin.

Directions: Dampen face with lukewarm water. Pour a dime sized amount onto the palm of a wet hand. Massage all over face in circular motions, including neck, eyebrows and closed eyes. Rinse away with lukewarm water. Use cool water if skin is irritated by warmer temperatures. For best results, use twice daily, morning and night.

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