Renew Life Fibre Smart 227g

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Renew Life Fibre Smart 227g

Much MORE than just fibre!

  • FibreSMART is a flaxseed based fibre supplement that contains 50% soluble and 50%

insoluble fibre. This 50/50 ratio is recognized as most effective for ensuring good

digestive health. FibreSMART also contains herbs that help to soothe and heal the

intestinal tract.

  • FibreSMART is perfect everyday fibre supplement to help maintain good health and

keep your digestive tract running smoothly.

  • FibreSMART contains no pysllium, which absorbs 40 times its weight in

water and can dehydrate the colon. It also does not contain senna or cascara sagrada,

harsh laxatives often found in other fibre blends.


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