MATERNEA Elasticity Oil 100ml - Imported from Bulgaria

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MATERNEA Elasticity Oil  100ml

Improves and normalizes the skin condition and provides optimal hydration, nourishing and anti-itching effect, maintains the elasticity and prevents stretch marks.

With Natural Oils - Soybean, Almond, Jojoba; Oil from Rice Bran; Vitamins F & E

Jojoba Oil - protects the skin, stimulates the growth and regeneration of new cells. Clean and natural product for beautiful and healthy skin.

Soybean Oil - Rich in polyunsaturated fat and an excellent massage oil. Moisturizes and softens the skin, soybean oil maintains its elasticity and reduces discomfort in stretched dry skin.

Vitamin E - The most effective antioxidant that moisturizes, softens and adds elasticity to the skin. As held in the outer layers of fat-soluble vitamins A and D, it helps the growth and repair of the skin.

Rice Bran Oil - A good source of Omega 6 essential fatty acids and various antioxidants. Stimulates micro-circulation and metabolism at the surface, helps metabolism as it regenerates skin cells, improves elasticity.

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