MATERNEA Breast Firming Cream 125ml - Imported from Bulgaria

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MATERNEA Breast Firming Cream 125ml

Effectively increases the elasticity of the skin, nourishes and hydrates, stimulates the cell respiration and collagen synthesis.

With Active Biotech Complex Bio-Bustyl ®; Extract from Green Algae Dermohlorela; Extract from Kigelia Africana

Dermochlorella Extract - extract from Green microalgae that exists on Earth than 2 billion years, rich in amino acids and oligopeptides. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, strengthens and removes superficial capillaries. Dermochlorella acts effectively on Stretch marks, making them fade and reduce their size.

Extract of Kigelia Africana - Contains flavonoids and steroidal saponins that stimulate microcirculation, tone, tighten and maintain elasticity. Phytosterols reduce inflammation, soften and soothe irritated skin stretches.

Active biotechnological complex Bio-Bustyl® stimulates cell respiration (+ 103 %) and collagen synthesis (+ 350 %)

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