Lavalin Intimate Wash Deodorant 200ml - Imported From Israel

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Lavalin Intimate Wash Deodorant 200ml




Paraben Free - SLS/SLES Free

Refreshing Body Wash - Deo

Removes traces of body odor, improves skin appearance.

Delicately textured - cleans and lets skin breathe.

Anti-odor plant complex  - protects against toxins and air pollutants.

Stimulating anti-oxidant – improves skin structure, soothes and leaves skin silky.

Moisturizing agent – Innovative complex, enhances moisture level by 34%, balances moisture for 8 full hours.
Synergy of Active, Natural Herbal Ingredients: Brazil Nut Oil, Clove Extract, pro-biotic agent, moisturizing complex.

Can be used by diabetics.

Direction: Apply a small amount to sponge or onto finger tips. Lather gently. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.


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