Kneipp Massage Oil Back Comfort 100ml

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Kneipp Massage Oil Back Comfort 100ml

ACTIVE HERB: Devil’s Claw is a traditional herbal home remedy for soothing an aching back, neck or headache.

Aching back? Tension in your neck or shoulders? Soothe tension and uncomfortable stiffness in the back, neck or shoulders with natural extract of Devil’s Claw and Cajeput essential oil. A massage with this high-quality oil relaxes the muscles and helps to relieve painful tension. Complete with emollient Almond oil and nourishing Sunflower oil to naturally nourish and hydrate the skin. Cajeput essential oil, within the Tea Tree family, is known to relieve headaches and helps relax muscles, especially when used during massage.


Apply a thin layer and massage in with gentle pressure and even circular motions.

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