Gehwol Nail Repair Cleaner 150ml

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Gehwol Nail Repair Cleaner 150ml

Before using GEHWOL Nail Repair Gel, work on the nail which will be treated and then clean and degrease it with GEHWOL Nail Repair Cleaner. The dispersion layer after the nail is completely built up is optimally removed with GEHWOL Nail Repair Cleaner. It can also be used to clean unhardened GEHWOL Nail Repair Gel of instruments and out of paintbrushes.

After the pre-treatment, the first layer of the GEHWOL Nail Repair Gel is applied onto the nail directly out of the tube. The new GEHWOL Nail Repair Gel high viscosity is especially suited to detailed modelling work. The three colors of clear, opal and pink can be mixed with each other so that the nail color can be optimally adapted to the natural color. The clear gel serves as a filling base. Naturally, both colors can also be added to design a color.

Mixing is most easily done directly on the nail bed. Due to the increased viscosity, the gel can be applied with point precision without running. This makes it much easier to work with. And since the gel only solidifies under UV light, the new nail can be modelled with a brush without time pressure.

Special modelling brushes with exchangeable heads are good choices. They can be changed after every treatment, so that hygienic work is guaranteed. If your customer has a free, white nail edge on the other toes, you can easily form this with the new gels without needing a template. Draw a fine line along the distal (upper) end of the artificial nail with the highly viscous opal gel.

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