Atache Lift Therapy Force Lift Day 20 SPF 50ml - Imported From Spain

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Atache Lift Therapy Force Lift Day 20 SPF 50ml



Latest generation emulsion to prevents the loss of facial firmness. A silky texture fluid formula with an immediate tensing effect. Provides 20 SPF protection against UVB and UVA radiation. The action of Gatuline® In-Tense with Genistein and Soy Isoflavones stimulates the natural firming capacity of the skin itself.


Protection for your face the whole day long. Facial contours are visibly redefined and firms and smoothes skin.


Apply each morning to the face before cleansing and toning with the ATACHE products most suited to your skin. Perform gentle upwards massage actions until fully absorbed.

Principios activos

Gatuline® In-Tense, Soy Isoflavones (Genistein) and Solars Filters (20SPF) UVB y UVA.


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