Salus Floradix Formula 250ml

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Salus Floradix Formula 250ml

Floradix® is a liquid iron supplement that is specially formulated for easy absorption and assimilation. In fact, over 98% of the iron is available for quick potential absorption. The daily use of Floradix® helps normalize low iron levels to boost energy, vitality and optimal health.

Iron is an essential element for the body. It combines with copper and protein to make hemoglobin, a major component of red blood cells which transports oxygen from the lungs to all the tissues of the body. Iron is also needed throughout the body for adenosine triphosphate production (ATP), which is required for cellular energy and proper cell function. When iron is low, ATP production drops and energy levels decrease as a result.

The signs and symptoms of iron deficiency include: Fatigue, weakness, pale skin, dark circles under the eyes, brittle hair and nails, shortness of breath and cold hands and feet.

NPN claims

  • Helps to prevent iron deficiency (anemia) and to maintain good health

  • Assists the formation of red blood cells and their proper functions

  • Supports tissue formation and normal growth


  • Specially formulated for easy absorption and assimilation

  • Over 98% of the iron is available for quick potential absorption

  • Helps normalize low iron levels

  • Renews energy and vitality

  • Promotes the formation of healthy red blood cells

  • Easy on the digestive tract

  • Beneficial for teens, women, athletes, the elderly and vegetarians

  • Each 20 ml serving satisfies the RDA for women of childbearing age


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