Gehwol Fussbad 200g - Imported From Germany

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Gehwol Fussbad 200g - Imported From Germany
With balsamic herbal oils. Helps the aching, animate the tired foot.

Gehwol footballs help blow, burning and sweating feet. They invigorate tired feet and eliminate annoying footburn. 
Cornea, calluses, and chicken eye are softened. The skin is cleaned by a porous process, it remains resistant and supple.
Gehwol foot bath deodorises sustainably. Natural essential oils of lavender, rosemary and thyme promote the blood circulation.
The feet are long-lasting and warm. A subsequent treatment of the feet with Gehwol nourishing foot deodorant or Gehwol balsam supports the effect.
Foot bath to lighten tired feet and eliminate footburn. Made in Germany.

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